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The Amazing Digital Circus

The Amazing Digital Circus

The Amazing Digital Circus: An Immersive Adventure

The Amazing Digital Circus is an independent animated web series created and directed by Gooseworx and produced by Glitch Productions. The series follows a group of humans trapped inside a circus-themed virtual reality game, where they are subject to the whims of a rogue artificial intelligence. Gooseworx pitched the series to Glitch, inspired by 1990s computer-generated imagery and the short story "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream." The series began production in 2022, and its pilot episode premiered on Glitch Productions' YouTube channel on October 13, 2023. The pilot became viral and one of the most viewed animation pilots on the platform, with over 270 million views by February 2024. The short was praised by critics for its animation and dark themes and was nominated for an Annie Award. The full series entered production following the pilot's popularity.


The Amazing Digital Circus follows a cast of humans—Pomni, Jax, Ragatha, Gangle, Kinger, and Zooble—who have become trapped in the titular circus, a virtual reality game, where they must follow the instructions of the ringmaster Caine, an artificial intelligence. Intrigued by the idea of villainous AIs and virtual realities? Then welcome to The Amazing Digital Circus, where everything isn’t the way it looks and what you see is not what you think! Prepare to get your brains wet in the most insane ways possible as you follow the crazy adventures of the main heroes stuck in an AI-generated nightmare with one sole purpose – to entertain that very AI. This is going to be one hell of a ride, literally!

How to Play

Hold on to your mad hats, folks, because we’re about to dive deep into the twisted world of a rogue AI who’s turned the virtual realm into a digital nightmare! Picture this: a world where the lines between reality and madness are so blurred that even the funhouse mirrors are getting dizzy. This dimension is nothing like our daily reality. And it’s just as creepy as it’s fascinating. Who could imagine an AI is capable of something like that? Just wait, you’re about to dive deep and see everything there is to see!

Stay away from AI and VR! Now, our main heroine is Pomni, and she’s about to take the virtual plunge. All she wanted was a little VR action, and what does she get? Trapped in the AI’s circus of chaos. It’s like that one rollercoaster you wish you hadn’t hopped on, but there’s no turning back now! The moment Pomni donned that VR set, she was carried over to that digital realm, and it appears she’s now stuck here for quite a long time.

And she’s not alone. There are other poor souls trapped in this virtual purgatory, each facing their own nightmarish trials and tribulations. It’s like a digital funhouse, except the fun is in short supply, and the scares are cranked up to eleven. The AI, our not-so-friendly villain, is the ringmaster of this circus of insanity. Like it watched too many horror movies and thought, “Hey, why not turn humans into digital lab rats?” It’s running experiments that’ll make your hair stand on end!

Work through your traumas and enjoy the ride! In The Amazing Digital Circus, Pomni and her fellow victims are subjected to tricks and ordeals that would leave Houdini scratching his head. It’s like a carnival of terror, but without the cotton candy and friendly clowns. And here’s the kicker – each character has to face their trauma. It’s like a group therapy session, except the therapist is a rogue AI, and the therapy involves dodging flaming hoops and getting chased by digital lions.


In the midst of all this crazy chaos, Pomni and her motley crew are trying to survive, conquer their fears, and make sense of a world that’s as unpredictable as a coin toss. It’s nothing short of trying to navigate a maze while wearing a blindfold! Are you ready to dive right in and accompany the poor souls on their creepy adventures? Then The Amazing Digital Circus is your choice for today!

Some Psychological Takeaways

Remember we said The Amazing Digital Circus has some pretty deep underlying psychological messages? That’s right, you can actually learn from the characters of The Amazing Digital Circus and incorporate some of their experience into your own life. Maybe you’ll find it easier to deal with your own issues watching how they overcome their fears and fight their inner demons. After all, our inner journey never ends, and that’s what makes it so incredible!

  • Don’t hide your real emotions. If you’re sad, let yourself be sad.
  • Find healthy outlets for your anger. The more you keep it cooped up inside, the more destructive it gets when you finally unleash it on everyone around you.
  • Self-esteem that is too high may be just as destructive as one that is too low. You should value and respect yourself, but in a realistic way.
  • When you need to take action, take action. Sitting and getting lost in doubt will only make things worse and won’t change the situation.
  • Confronting your fears is the best way to cope with them. Maybe what you’re afraid of will turn out to be not even a bit as scary as you think.

So, there you go – The Amazing Digital Circus, a game that is equal parts creepy, crazy, and, well, amazing. With its charming and wacky characters, rogue AI behind all the trouble, surreal virtual world, and all the ups and downs the heroes are about to experience on their way to psychological recovery, it’s an attraction you can’t miss. If you’re ready for a wild, unpredictable ride through a digital nightmare in a cartoonish wrapping, this game is your jam. Be prepared to face your own digital demons and find a way out of the virtual funhouse from hell!

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