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What is game? is an exciting and competitive .io game developed by Clown Games, where players control a snake that must eat to grow bigger and stronger. In this fast-paced multiplayer game, your goal is to eat everything on the map by surrounding objects and other snakes with your tail, thus increasing your length and dominance in the arena. Compete against other snakes in the city and strive to become the biggest snake ever!

How to play game?

Playing is simple yet challenging. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to play:

Control Your Snake:

  • Navigate your snake using your mouse or touchscreen.
  • Move around the map to search for objects and other snakes to consume.

Eat and Grow:

  • Surround objects and other snakes with your tail to consume them and earn points.
  • As you eat, your snake will grow longer, allowing you to consume even more objects and snakes.

Compete and Survive:

  • Compete against other snakes in the city arena.
  • Keep yourself among the best players to avoid elimination and progress to the next level.

Eliminate Opponents:

  • Use strategic maneuvers to outmaneuver and eliminate other snakes.
  • Be aggressive in your approach to gain an advantage over your opponents. Strategy:

Last Snake Standing:

  • In each level, the last snake on the leaderboard will be eliminated.
  • Only the winners can progress to the next level, so strive to outlast and outscore your opponents.

Earn Badges:

  • Finish in the top 3 of the leaderboard to earn a badge.
  • Aim to achieve high rankings in each level to showcase your skills and dominance.

Maintain Dominance:

  • Keep yourself among the best players by continuously eating and growing your snake.
  • Use your length and agility to surround and consume other snakes efficiently.

Developer Information: is developed by Clown Games, a brand of Alictus known for creating popular .io games available on both mobile and web platforms. As with their other games, promises addictive gameplay and endless fun in the competitive world of multiplayer gaming. For feedback or inquiries, reach out to Clown Games and share your thoughts on the game.

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