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That's Not My Neighbor Nightmare Mode

That's Not My Neighbor Nightmare Mode

A Deep Dive into That's Not My Neighbor Nightmare Mode


That's Not My Neighbor Nightmare Mode is the highly anticipated second mode in the popular game That's Not My Neighbor, officially released on May 21, 2024. This mode is exclusively available in the paid version of the game, offering an enhanced and more challenging experience for dedicated players.


In Nightmare Mode, the storyline unfolds within the twisted and terrifying dreams of the doorman. Unlike the original game, where doppelgängers posed as neighbors, this mode introduces aliens who take over the building and disguise themselves as neighbors. These new threats are more cunning and terrifying, contributing to the nightmarish atmosphere of the game.


Nightmare Mode is designed for players who have mastered the original game and are looking for a greater challenge. Key features include:

  • Instant Killing: Letting a disguised alien (or doppelgänger) into the building results in an immediate game over.
  • The Clown from Unlikely: A sinister character from another game, adding an extra layer of horror.
  • New NPCs/Reskins: Familiar characters reimagined as their nightmarish versions, making them more difficult to identify and handle.
  • New Location - The Astral Circle: An eerie, otherworldly setting that adds complexity and horror to the gameplay.


In Nightmare Mode, players encounter "Nightmares"—neighbors who are grotesquely distorted versions of their real selves. These Nightmares are a visual and psychological challenge, testing the player's ability to discern reality from illusion under extreme stress.

Technical Issues

As of its release date, some players have reported difficulties running That's Not My Neighbor Nightmare Mode on Windows. If you encounter such issues, it is recommended to press the "show information" button and select “run anyway” to bypass the problem.

Future Prospects

The introduction of Nightmare Mode is just the beginning. Future updates promise to expand on this concept, potentially introducing new nightmare scenarios, characters, and challenges that will keep players on edge and eager for more.


That's Not My Neighbor Nightmare Mode brings a fresh and terrifying twist to the beloved game, offering a unique and more intense gameplay experience. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, this mode is sure to provide hours of heart-pounding horror and excitement.

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