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Slither io overview

Introduce Slither io Game

Slither io is still a famous snake-hunting game for all IOS, Android, or PC operating systems. You become a small snake that runs endlessly and continuously moves to eat vertebrae, each time it eats it will become longer. Slither io is a simple game that became an instant success soon after its launch. It is one of the limited games that has retained its global popularity until now.


Who is the creator of Slither io?

The creator of Slither io game was Steven Howse in 2016. This developer created a simple but attractive game based on two popular original games, and Snake. The author did not expect that it would spread so strongly overnight. Howse's main goal is to create a game suitable for all ages and with the easiest gameplay. He hopes people can freely play it without the constraints of in-game purchases or microtransactions. 

How to play Slither io?

Gameplay of Slither game

- There are a total of 50 slither in the game. If you touch them, you will die.
- You can never stop your snakes and use arrows and pointers to navigate them
- If another slither dies, they will leave behind all the light they consumed
- You can change the color (16 skins) and pattern of your snake to add more fun

Guide to control Slither io online

  • Move: Use arrow keys and cursor
  • Accelerate: Left click
  • Play the game in the Fullscreen mode
  • Collect orbs to grow.
  • You can freely change Slither IO's skin color

Interesting points of Slitherio 

Collect many "happy chemicals" while playing

Each time the player wins a breakthrough, Slitherio will bring a feeling of success and conquest. And because the brain cannot distinguish between real success and virtual success, this is a game that will entertain you and bring positive joy in life.

No tail cut off like snake game in Slither Game

In Slither io you can walk through yourself without having your tail cut off like classic snake games. That gives you the flexibility to hunt your lips and use it to trap other small snakes.

Become big and stop your opponents

As you get bigger, becomes easier to kill other snakes by running around them or getting in their way. So quickly grow in length and aim to become the snake with the highest score.

The outstanding success of Slither io

Slither io became the most searched game on Google at the end of 2016 in the US. It became more and more popular when YouTube leader PewDiePie introduced it on his channel with nearly 100 million followers. Slitherio also topped the App Store as soon as it released its mobile version in the US and UK. All reviews focused positively on its graphics and easy yet addictive gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions about

Can I customize my snake in Slitherio?

While you can't customize your snake's appearance directly, you can stand out by choosing a unique username and leaving a distinctive trail behind your snake as you move.

What is the objective of Slither Game?

The main objective is to become the longest snake on the board by consuming dots and avoiding collisions. The longer you grow, the higher your chances of dominating the game.

Is there a time limit in Slither?

No, is a game without a time limit. Players can enjoy the experience at their own pace, allowing for a relaxing and engaging gaming session.

Is available on mobile?

Yes, Slither Game is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

How often does Slither Game receive updates or new features? periodically receives updates and new features to enhance gameplay and address any issues. While the frequency may vary, the developers strive to keep the game fresh and engaging for players.

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