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Immerse yourself in Nightmare Kart, a thrilling racing game where you speed through gothic streets on one of 12 unique vehicles. As a conscripted beast hunter, you must navigate a treacherous tournament to uncover the origins of this nightmarish realm. Arm yourself with powerful weapons, defeat monstrous adversaries, and master intricate maneuvers to survive this eerie competition.

How to Play

  • Choose Your Vehicle: Select from 12 unique vehicles, each with distinct attributes and abilities.
  • Equip Your Weapons: Arm your kart with powerful weapons to take down opponents and beasts alike.
  • Master the Streets: Navigate through gothic, streets, avoiding obstacles and enemies.
  • Slaughter Beasts: Kill beasts scattered throughout the tracks to increase your top speed.
  • Perform Tricks and Drifts: Execute stunts and drifts to generate Æther, which can be used to boost your speed.
  • Overcome Boss Encounters: Face challenging boss battles to unlock secrets and progress through the tournament.
  • Uncover the Mystery: Seek answers to the origins of the nightmare by completing races and overcoming challenges.


  • Gothic Aesthetic: Immerse yourself in a dark, gothic world with richly detailed environments.
  • Unique Vehicles: Race with 12 distinct vehicles, each inspired by a steampunk aesthetic.
  • Weaponry: Equip and use a variety of weapons to gain an edge over your opponents.
  • Beast Hunts: Engage in beast hunting mid-race to boost your kart’s capabilities.
  • Tricks and Boosts: Utilize tricks and drifts to gather Æther and enhance your performance.
  • Boss Battles: Confront and defeat bosses that add an extra layer of challenge and narrative to the game.
  • Secrets to Unveil: Unravel the mystery behind the tournament and your forced participation as you progress.

Start your engines and prepare for a heart-pounding adventure in Nightmare Kart, where every race brings you closer to the truth behind this dark, gothic nightmare. Currently in development for Windows, this game promises a unique blend of racing and combat, set in an unforgettable world.

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