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Mastering the Slice: A Guide to Slicing and Dicing in Slice Master

How to Play

Take to the skies and destroy everything in your path in Slice Master. From coconuts to coffee cups, from bricks to burgers. Can you max out your score?

Welcome to Slice Master, the ultimate arena for precision, timing, and strategic slicing! In this thrilling one-button game, your mission is simple yet...

Press Space or Left Click to make your knife flip and jump in Slice Master. Cut through everything in your way... Except for the pink obstacles. The more objects you slice up, the higher your score!

At the end of every level, try to hit the target that will maximize your bonus. Addition and multiplication give you the most points. Avoid subtraction and division, they will cut your score down a bunch.

Hit the BONUS target to unlock a bonus level! In this bonus round, players are slicing through targets for higher amounts of coins than on the normal levels. Make sure to keep your focus during these bonus rounds, they are a great opportunity to make some real progress in the game.

Continue to slice through the targets and gather up coins in order to unlock every single version of the knife. Can you unlock all nine knife skins and become a certified Slice Master?


Is Slice Master difficult? While learning the controls of Slice Master is easy, the actual gameplay is relatively difficult. Not only do players have to deal with pink platforms that can ruin their round, but it is also difficult to hit the correct multiplier once players get to the finish line. Players can very easily ruin their rounds by hitting a box that will subtract or divide their score by a large number.

How do I earn different skins? Skins can be unlocked by earning coins in Slice Master. Once players have acquired 5,000 coins, they are able to unlock a new skin. Players should expect this to take quite some time though, the skins get progressively more expensive as the game continues. Gathering up all those coins is no small feat. It will take skill and patience in order to complete this task.

Are there any high score games like Slice Master? If you like games where you are focused on getting the highest score possible, then Suika Watermelon Game might be a great choice. This game has a similar look and feel to Slice Master, but with a different objective. Instead of chopping down targets, you are trying to match fruits with one another in order to get the highest score possible. You'll have to be strategic with where you place each fruit though, as there is a limited amount of space.

If you're new to Slice Master, you also need to check out Run 3. This platformer game is a staple of the website, filled with the same action and reaction-based gameplay as Slice Master.

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