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Float your way to the top and don't let your balloons pop in Ragdoll Rise Up. Avoid spiky objects and use the winds from fans to guide your path upwards. Click on blue blocks and platforms to remove them. Your goal is to get your stick figure to the top without popping the balloons!

How to Play

  • Click to Remove Blue Blocks: Clear the way for your ragdoll by clicking on blue blocks and platforms.
  • Avoid Obstacles: Watch out for red spikes and red cannons as they can pop your balloons!
  • Use the Fans: In later levels, leverage the fans to steer your stick figure away from danger.
  • Yellow Blocks: Remember that yellow blocks cannot be removed and must be navigated around.
  • Act Quickly: Your ragdoll will continue to rise regardless of your actions, so think fast and plan your moves carefully!


  • Easy to Play, Hard to Master: The simple mechanics are accessible, but the challenges require strategic thinking.
  • Over 30 Levels: With more than 30 levels ranging from easy to difficult, there's plenty to keep you entertained.
  • Brain Exercise: This game is designed to exercise your brain and improve your IQ with its puzzle-solving demands.
  • Resume Anytime: You can pause and continue the game at any time, making it convenient for any schedule.

In Ragdoll Rise Up, you must navigate a variety of obstacles, use strategic thinking, and act quickly to keep your balloons intact and guide your stick figure to new heights. Get ready for a thrilling puzzle-solving adventure!

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