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Isaacle: The Binding of Isaac Wordle Game


Hi Friends! Welcome to Isaacle, The Binding of Isaac Wordle game! Isaacle originated as a passion project, drawing inspiration from popular daily games such as Wordle, Loldle, and Costcodle. It is important to note that Isaacle is an independent creation and is not affiliated with or sponsored by the creators or publishers of The Binding of Isaac.

How to Play

Isaacle is an engaging guessing game that challenges players to utilize various clues to decipher the identity of a given object. With elements like color, item type, item pool, and descriptions, players must use their knowledge of The Binding of Isaac to correctly identify the item. Each guess provides feedback, helping players narrow down the possibilities until they can correctly guess the item.

Category Legend

The information below shows a detailed description of the categories used to describe items. If there are any inconsistencies, please let me know by joining the discord!


Item Quality can only range between 0-4.


Item Type can only be Passive or Active. This is determined by the initial pickup of the item when Isaac has no other items. So, Book of Virtues is an Active item for this game's purposes.

Item Pool

Item Pool is where the item can appear. The possible values are:

  • Angel Room
  • Baby Shop - When Isaac holds Adoption Papers
  • Battery Beggar
  • Beggar
  • Bomb Beggar
  • Boss Room - Note: Cube of Meat and Ball of Bandages only drop from Harbingers
  • Crane Game
  • Curse Room
  • Demon Beggar
  • Devil Room
  • Golden Chest
  • Item Room
  • Key Beggar
  • Library
  • Mom's Chest
  • Old Chest - From Isaac's Tomb
  • Planetarium
  • Red Chest
  • Rotten Beggar
  • Secret Room
  • Shop
  • Ultra Secret Room
  • Unique - Whenever an item also drops from a different source that is not in this list. Think of "The Small Rock" from tinted rocks or "Magic Mushroom" from mushrooms.
  • Wooden Chest

Name Length (Trinkets Only)

Length of the trinket name (includes spaces).


Description loosely defines the item's behavior and is NOT the same as Item Modifiers. Each description type is as follows:

  • Aura/ Circle - Anything that produces an aura or circle-like effect around something. Ex. Godhead, Larynx, Maw of The Void, 120 Volt
  • Batteries
  • Black Hearts
  • Bombs/ Explodes - Anything related to Bombs. Also includes any EXPLOSIVE items. Ex. Ipecac, Epic Fetus
  • Bone Hearts
  • Boss - Anything related to Boss interactions. Ex. Star of Bethlehem, Vanishing Twin
  • Broken Hearts
  • Cards
  • Character - Anything that adds an Isaac-like Character, or changes the playable Character. Ex. Ankh, Clicker, Strawman
  • Chests
  • Coins
  • Contact DMG - Anything that does Contact Damage like Familiars or gives Isaac Contact Damage. Ex. Big Chubby, Leech, Taurus
  • Creep - Any item that spawns creep somehow
  • Curses - Removes Isaac's curses
  • Dash - Ex. A Pony, How To Jump
  • DMG Stat
  • Drop Chance - (If a trinket modifies the drop rate of a pickup or has a chance of dropping a pickup)
  • Enemies - A more loose term that means the item interacts with enemies somehow. Ex. Poke Go, Lusty Blood
  • Eternal Heart
  • Familiar - Any item that gives Isaac an extra buddy, does not necessarily need to be "alive". Also includes familiar modifications. Ex. Lil Loki, Key Pieces, Host Hat
  • Farts
  • Fire - The flame type of fire. Ex. Fire Mind, Guppy's Eye
  • Flight - Gives Isaac flight
  • Floor Enter - (If a trinket triggers an effect on entering a floor)
  • Fly - Buzz buzz flies
  • Heal - Heals Isaac's empty red hearts
  • HP Stat - Gives or reduces Isaac's Red Heart HP Stat
  • Invincibility - Ex. Gnawed Leaf, Book of Shadows
  • Item Charge - Any item that affects an active item charge
  • Items
  • Keys/ Doors - Anything related to normal key pickups and also items that can open doors (secret rooms too). Ex. Skeleton Key, Dad's Key, Red Key, Key Piece #1, The Polaroid
  • Knockback - An item that knockbacks enemies or changes the knockback tear effect on enemies
  • Laser/ Beams - Any item that shoots a laser or holy beam or has a beam-like effect. Electricity counts! Ex. Brimstone, Crack the Sky, 120 Volt, Maw of the Void
  • Luck Stat
  • Many Stats - If 4 or more stats are being modified
  • Map
  • Mass Damage - Ex. Necronomicon
  • Melee - Gives Isaac melee attacks
  • Multi Trait - Any item that can give possible effects belonging to multiple items or different effects depending on circumstance
  • Negates DMG - Reduces Isaac's received damage in some way. Ex. Cone Head, The Wafer. (Note: Reflections are counted differently)
  • Number of Lives - Gives Isaac another life
  • Orbital - Anything that gives Isaac or Enemies an Orbital, also tears if they orbit. Ex. Tiny Planet
  • Pickups - A term that loosely includes Coins, Bombs, Keys, Pills, Runes, etc...
  • Pills
  • Poop
  • Range Stat
  • Red Hearts - Only counts if it drops red hearts, HP Stat is counted separately
  • Reflection - If tears are reflected from Isaac in some way. Ex. Belly Jelly, Metal Plate
  • Rocks
  • Room Chance - Affects Angel, Devil, and Planetarium Room Chance
  • Room Enter - (If a trinket triggers an effect on entering a room)
  • Rooms/ Environment - A loose term to cover items like The Stairway, Member Card, Glowing Hour Glass
  • Rotten Hearts
  • Runes
  • Sacks
  • Self Damage - This item causes self damage to Isaac
  • Shot Speed Stat
  • Size - Changes Isaac size
  • Soul Hearts
  • Speed Stat
  • Spiders
  • Status Effect - Gives enemies slow, fear, charm, etc...
  • Tear Stat
  • Tears - Anything related to Isaac's Tears or shoots tears itself
  • Teleportation
  • Throwable - Throwable items in Isaac. Ex. Bob's Rotten Head
  • Trinkets
  • When Damaged - An item that triggers whenever Isaac is damaged


Colors can be a bit subjective sometimes, so I tried my best.

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