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Advertisement is a multiplayer online game where everyone plays as a flower. Players can work together to defeat mobs to get new petals and XP.

What is is a basic survival/exploration game where you control a flower on a large map to defeat mobs and obtain petals. The enemies become stronger as you explore, but players obtain better petals from more dangerous mobs. Players can also make better petals by crafting, but the rarer the petal, the more risky it is to craft. There are different scenarios that each feature different mobs and a different environment. Each mob has a unique set of drops, and the stronger the mob, the stronger the petals it drops.

How to Play, Features, Tips

How to Play:

  • Control your flower to move around the large map.
  • Defeat mobs to obtain petals and XP.
  • Craft better petals for enhanced abilities.
  • Navigate through different scenarios with unique mobs and environments.


  • Multiplayer online gameplay where collaboration is key.
  • Various scenarios with distinct environments and mobs.
  • Unique drops from each mob, increasing in strength as you progress.
  • Crafting system for obtaining rare and powerful petals.


  • Work together with other players to defeat stronger mobs.
  • Explore different areas to find unique mobs and petals.
  • Be cautious when crafting rare petals, as it involves more risk.
  • Focus on obtaining stronger petals to enhance your flower's abilities.

By mastering the art of survival and exploration in, players can enjoy a dynamic and engaging multiplayer experience, continually striving to craft the most powerful petals and conquer the game's diverse challenges. Dive into today and blossom into the ultimate flower warrior!

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