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Fish Eat Getting Big

Fish Eat Getting Big

Fish Eat Getting Big is an addictive arcade game where you swim around the ocean, chomping up smaller fish to grow in size! Gather your friends and engage in local multiplayer mode with up to three players!

How to Play

  • Hunt the sea for fish

    • Explore the ocean's depths and encounter a wide variety of fish species.
    • You can eat any fish with a smaller number than yours.
    • If you try to eat a fish with a higher number, you’ll die and have to start again.
  • Grow into a fearsome predator

    • As you progress, your fish will become fiercer, larger, and more predatory.
    • Continue chomping away at various aquatic creations until more exotic sea life starts to appear.
    • You can keep munching on every living being in the ocean until you make a mistake and die.
  • Buy and upgrade skins

    • Every time you die, you earn gold that you can use to purchase new oceanic backgrounds and fish types.
    • The amount of gold you earn reflects your score at the time of death.
    • There's also coins scattered around the sea to collect.
  • Invite your friends

    • You can bring up to two friends into the game and battle it out to be the biggest fish in the sea!
    • Each player can choose a unique fish and jump into the game to compete against each other.


  • Multiplayer Mode

    • Engage in local multiplayer mode with up to three players.
    • Compete with friends to see who can become the biggest fish.
  • Variety of Fish Species

    • Encounter and eat a wide variety of fish species, each with different sizes and numbers.
  • Progressive Difficulty

    • As you grow larger, more exotic and dangerous sea creatures appear, increasing the challenge.
  • Customization Options

    • Purchase and upgrade different skins for your fish and oceanic backgrounds using the gold you earn.
  • Reward System

    • Earn gold every time you die based on your score.
    • Collect scattered coins throughout the ocean for additional gold.

Dive into the underwater world of Fish Eat Getting Big and experience the thrill of growing from a tiny fish into a formidable ocean predator. With engaging gameplay and the excitement of competing with friends, it's a game that promises endless fun!

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