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Captain Forever is a multidirectional shooter video game by Australian developer Jarred "Farbs" Woods. Its name stems from both its development process, with new versions of the game being continuously developed and released, and its endless gameplay.

What is is a multiplayer spaceship construction and combat game where players engage in dynamic battles and craft their own unique vessels for survival and dominance in space.

How to Play


  • Fly: W, A, S, D
  • Shoot: Spacebar
  • Build: Mouse
  • Zoom: Mousewheel or R, F
  • Craft: C

Features of

Endless Crafting: Craft various modules using collected clusters and recipes, allowing for customization and specialization of your spaceship.

PvE and PvP Elements: Encounter both NPC drone ships and other players in your journey across space. Destroying other players' command modules or drones releases modules you can integrate into your own ship.

Squads: Form squads by selecting the same squad name as another player. This enables shared respawn points, squadmate visibility, and perspective sharing.

Tips for Success in

  • Pilot and Engineer Balance: Success in requires both piloting skills and engineering prowess. A well-built ship can only perform effectively with a skilled pilot at its helm.

  • Crafting Mastery: Experiment with crafting recipes to create specialized modules such as repair beams, boosters, and girders, essential for adapting to different combat scenarios.

  • Strategic Alliances: Joining squads enhances teamwork and coordination, providing strategic advantages such as shared respawn locations and mutual support in battles.

In conclusion, merges strategic spaceship construction with intense multiplayer combat, challenging players to craft, survive, and dominate in a dynamic, ever-evolving space environment.

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